Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Land Restaurant, Zi Li

Our first lunch meal on the road (from San Jose to La Fortuna) was at the Happy land Restaurant. It was a nice warmed looking place serving authentic Costa Rican food. The server was friendly and knowledgeable to put in correct orders for our group of 11 people.  I ordered the combo of beef and shrimp with vegetables, and it also came with good portion of bean and rice. It was worth the price and their strawberry smoothie was delicious. Although the food preparation time took a bit longer than it supposed to be, there were huge iguanas kept us entertained. They were laying on the trees and grounds, and we can feed them ourselves with bananas. There were many birds to enjoy as well. First time in my life to see wild iguana and it was quite an experience to dine in beside them.
Thanks to our amazing tour guide Zender, we got to taste the local cuisine while enjoying the unique view to start off our journey. The restaurant can use iguana as a marketing strategy to promote its restaurant and draw more international tourists’ eyes.

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