Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort, Zi Li

           After an approximate three hours drive to La Fortuna, the Tabacon natural hot springs made our day! I was amazed by the size and the layout of the property. We went as a group to experience different types of pools and waterfalls. Many of the pools have naturally rocky bottoms that can massage your feet. Some of them were a little bit hard and sharp. The temperature of the water was perfectly hot though not enough to get burned. The environment and design set me on a relaxed mode and I wish I could stay there for the entire night and every day following. The resort even has water slides! It is definitely children friendly, though they also have some secluded “Adult Only” sections. The bar in the middle of the pool was another highlight of the experience. Who can refuse a delicious aquatic cocktail?  The staff from the entrance and the locker room to the gift shop were welcoming and friendly. If the resort can relocate some staff to the pool area to assist guests, that will be more helpful.
Overall it was a wonderful experience with breathtaking views. The resort still has growing space for some infrastructure improvement. More signs need to be put on sight in order to indicate the various options of pools. More guardrails are needed as well because the floor and path can be very slippery. The night-time lighting of the pool could also use more bulb fixtures.  

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