Sunday, January 10, 2016

Night Walk, Margaret Green

On Monday night, we had the pleasure of visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve to do a night walk through the forest. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve spans the Tilaran Mountain Range and is home to a thriving ecosystem. I was very excited to spend an evening exploring the forest and was not disappointed.

We were greeted by a spectacular view of sunset over the valley and had the opportunity to take plenty of pictures!

We then checked in and ate some complimentary popcorn before our guide, Mauricio, gave us our flashlights. Even though it was just after sunset, the dense forest made it feel much later than it really was. We set out on our adventure with Mauricio who was very knowledgeable and knew exactly where to look for the different animals. The most common animals found on this tour are birds, but groups may see the occasional frog, sloth, or tarantula.

We saw some excellent views of the birds as well as a tiny frog and a tarantula. Mauricio located a hole in a tree and explained to us how tarantulas sense vibrations and can tell whether or not the vibration is caused by prey or predator. By mimicking the scratch of insects with a stick, Mauricio coaxed the tarantula out of its hiding place.
Can you spot the tarantula?

In all, this was a very nice walk through the forest. From a management standpoint, everything was well-organized and safe. It was a very long tour of almost two hours and had some views that I’m sure would be incredible during the day. The trails were a bit steep and muddy at some points. This tour is best for people who are reasonably fit and sure-footed (trails are not wheelchair friendly). I would highly recommend a daytime visit to this reserve. We did not encounter enough animals to make me want to return to this specific tour, but I enjoyed the evening and would love to explore the reserve during the day. 

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