Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Monteverde Country Lodge--Ashley Chen

On the fourth days of our trip, we were arriving at Monteverde which was a small town in mountainous northwestern Costa Rica. We lived in Monteverde Country Lodging which was the third hotel on this trip. After spending two nights in Monteverde country lodging, the hotel became my favorite hotel during this trip! The main reason was because the hotel was an Eco friendly hotel which had a sustainability management system.  

One special thing about the hotel's service was that they provided fresh welcome juice to their guests. When we were doing the social media research for this hotel, many guest were highlight their welcome juice on their reviews. One of our favorite touches was a book exchange shelf in the lobby, where guests can take a book and leave a book for others. In addition, in the first night, my classmates and I were able to lying on the hotel's roof and enjoying the amazing starry sky. As a city girl, that was the first time I saw so many stars.
Fortunately, we were able to meet with the hotel manager and learned about the hotel's sustainability development program. From the hospitality management prospective, the hotel had a great sustainability management system. The hotel's daily operation paid close attention on Eco tourism & sustainability development. There were several hotels in that area were involved in a same sustainability program. All the sister properties are working together to running hotel in green. The hotel manager told us they were used to have a sustainability coordinator, but the position been canceled in order to save cost. However, it did not mean that they had gave up on the program. The manager himself were currently doing the sustainability coordinators job. The hotel also worked with students and volunteers in order to improve and educate their sustainability program. The hotel believed in social economic concept. As the manager said:"running a hotel business is not just about manage inside, but also how you support your community."

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